Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good Old Devastators - parts selection

Beside all this hype about some particularly nasty units (nail-hard CC squads or twisted psycho-circles), I'm looking now to collect a traditional (not to say, old-school ;-) Devastator squad. So, I put together some pictures of readily available SM heads for these ladz...
Anything missing in this collection? Well, maybe some metals...
As you suggested, I added Nurgle champion head which after some cutting and filing could possibly extend the choice of techie heads ... until the first visit of Inquisition...


  1. Your selection definitely covers the range of specialist helmets suitable for SM Devastators. You can also try the Chaos Champion helmet with the 3 eyelenses & one horn (Nurgle-dedicated). Once you shave down the horn, it makes a rather decent & unique techie helmet.

  2. Good suggestion Horatio, although the result can draw closer attention of Inquisition :-)


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Best of Larry

Best of Larry