Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pride of resin miniature makers (rant with a wink)

Disclaimer: Well, let me start with a statement that, I love all the miniatures shown below, and if anything, want to encourage everybody to buy them, as the quality of the product is high (in contrast to "made-of-old-bubble-gum" Finecast minis). I also understand, how hopeless my rant is, so, take it with a wink.
      Over last few years, we have seen an appearance of huge number of relatively small miniature making companies. Three things came together making this possible: maturing of e-commerce, development of 3D-printing and, easiness (in comparison to plastic injection) of resin casting. The result is a rapidly growing offer of original models and/or alternative replacements for established game systems. From the point of view of design this figurines are often top class, while the quality is (can be) comparable to modern plastic models.
      Sometimes, however, I feel that endless price increases of some largest players in the market born belief that collectors will swallow any burden in order to possess their toys. Going to the point, I feel that, some resin minis from smaller makers are overpriced (in a similar fashion like 90% of ForgeWorld catalog). Maybe I will offend somebody but, do not confuse pride with stupidity! 
So, hereby, I would like to ask corresponding persons in charge for discounting the following miniatures... let say, by half ;-) :

39 USD (30 EUR) for something what essentially is a Deffkopter model is little bit overboard!

20 USD (15 EUR) for one (1) fur-less pig which represent just a bike?

Staying in a biker theme: 16 USD (12.5 EUR) for just alternative Tomb Blade model...

23.5 USD (17.90 EUR) for 5 terminator legs? uff...
71 USD (54.5 EUR) for essentially 3 terminators, c'mon!
52 USD (40 EUR) for a chimera/razorback alternative?
These are just examples selected from a legion, and do not ask me even about resin bases.... Please, make your prices more reasonable! Lets change the world! We can do this, just try!

(23.80 USD)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Communication Dish needed, or, help me finding alternative model

To whom it may concern: I'm looking for this particular miniature from Quantum Gothic range, or (better, as I need two copies) some kind of quality replacement/alternative  (it's 28/32 mm scale). Their shop is offline now, without clearly defined deadline for re-opening. Does anybody have suggestions? Please, post them in the comments...

While googling, I found the miniature shown below, but again it is missing from stock in the online shop of the makers. I believe, it was made for Battletech, and I'm not sure what the scale is (I never had interest in this system).

Another  alternative, which I found is too large and too expensive for my purpose (which is DA Darkshroud conversion, BTW)...

So, as said previously, I need your help...please.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"By Fire and Sword" finally in English!

This system is already well established in Polish wargaming scene, but introduction of the English version is still very important milestone. I believe, it will allow expanding miniature range (and even further improve the quality). The crowd-funding campaign immediately reached a minimum funding level, and I hope it will go far beyond.

From the campaign description:
 "Why the 17th century and the focus on Eastern Europe? The wars that were waged in the Eastern Europe during the 17th century are almost unknown to many wargamers all over the world. The Western European battlefields of the period were dominated by pike & shot infantry. In the Eastern Europe the western and eastern arts of war met. Combat was much more mobile and dynamic. In our opinion it was a unique situation."

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Best of Larry