Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scorpion of Nurgle - initial project

Once upon a time, when dinosaurs walked on the Earth, I decide to convert my Defiler using scorpion-like design. At that time the idea was not so overused and maybe even fresh. It spend some time in my head, then notebook and finally in my cabinet as some WIP. But suddenly Apocalypse came and everybody started those over-sized Brass Scorpion warmachines. So, I had no choice. As a typical man, I believe that bigger is better... Finally, I found some parts which can make my project stand out from the crowd.

Above are new legs of my monster. These 4 are the unique in shape, but I have 2 more to make it hexa-ped. Notice the size comparison with std Defiler leg - I believe this brings a good chance to make him impressive.

Some closer inspection shows that the cast quality is rather average but the amount of details is more than sufficient - in total, a perfect mix for Nurgle creation.

Here are the body components which I'm going to use. Notice the already extended hull section in the center.

Finally, two bitz which I maybe use, but without clear idea at the moment.

In general, as to grab any standard GW part is not a big problem, I have to spend few more moments to plan this walker before going further. Should I use WFB Giant body with this Soulgrinder head? Maybe actual SG body would be better? I thought about putting some non-GW nurglesque big demon body over the main hull (like the one from Scibor or Troll Forged Miniatures) but it will increase the costs too much. So, maybe I should wait for new plastic generic Deamon Prince? The Nurgle GW DP cannot be used because is heavy (metal) and already included in this force. Do you have any other cool ideas?

UPDATE: I forgot to tell that these legs are from Ramshackle Games. sorry


  1. Woah! Where did you get those legs from? They certainly look more impressive than the normal defiler legs. I vote for the WFB Giant with the Soulgrinder head; I haven't seen that combination before & the Giant fat body should reduce the amount of work needed to bloat it up Nurgly-like. You can also add a big pipe extending from the Soulgrinder's mouth to make it into a pus-cannon of sorts. I'm looking forward to see this project.

  2. They are from Ramshackle Games.
    I hope to focus on this project little bit but with 2 kids to carry about, it's always going slow :-).

  3. Ach, I know what you mean... :D So many models, so little time.


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Best of Larry