Saturday, June 27, 2009

Alternative Ironclad armor pattern - well, not exactly but...

Some new photos preceding the Planetstrike expansion release appeared on GW website. Did anyone notice an alternative pattern of Ironclad dreadnought front armor on one of the last photos?

I don't think, it's a conversion because they have two of them, exactly the same. Most probably these are two extra bits of Ironclad Assault Launchers which you can stick to the front plates. So, even not being really an alternative armor pattern, they can be used like this - if you don't want the Assault launchers they will count as simple Smoke launchers (free in terms of game points). This will allow you to hide a Tau-like design of Ironclad, which from the beginning is getting some critics among the Space Marine players.

UPDATE: Just a photo of Assault Launchers bits.


  1. The front bits look like the Frag Launchers from the Land Raider Crusader to me. I mean, for the LR and the Ironclad, it's got to be basically a heap of wearable Claymore mines, so that appearance looks good to me.

    More comical to me is the fact that lots of folks will be tempted to buy TWO Hunter-Killer missiles.

  2. I even have to look to the codex to check the stats of this missile, so probably they are not so impressive. But two of them mounted on the top of dread look different and new, so surely people will be tempted...


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