Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Feel da power of Killa Kanz

I did a size comparison of current Killa Kan with a classic Ork Dreadnought (2nd generation) and they match perfectly. So, I'm going to use two of these old models as a part of my Killa Kanz Horde (3 x 3 KK as a complete Heavy Support choice). On the photo below, they are caught together.

For those interested, here is some closer look to this classic model, as well as an appropriate page from Citadel 1994 catalog. The only thing which I don't like is this puny ork driver, so I will not install him.

Now, the task is to find at least one piece of first generation dread, as pictured below. Do anybody have one (or better three) for sale?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Aliens and Mutants - AVANGARD showcase

More fantastic bust models from recent CMON search and again a French modeler. As in fact I'm not qualified to comment on such a job, I just share the links and few photos of his works.

Webpage (in French).
CMON contributions.
A kind of tutorial or stepwise photos show.



Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bases and busts from Taban Miniatures

French company which I found through the Nauticans Army blog. They make nice resin bases and even more interesting special purpose models (see below). The bases are not the cheapest ones but very good if you want quickly add some variety to the models. They have low shipping costs even for small orders, so you can buy even one/few sets.

Bases are the bread & butter of their offer for me but in fact much more interesting are 2 (at the moment) resin busts for collectors.

As said previously, they have several nice miniatures for Nauticans. Looking through them, I thought that the dragon below can be also used as kind of display base.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lazy Sunday (1)

New weekly series of some looted arts from Internet's archives.
I should call this 'Blast from the Past' or in similar way, as it will be about old arts and graphics which are worth to remember, in my opinion.

For this week, few arts salvaged from US White Dwarf 272 from September 2002. This was time of Chaos Space Marines codex release and the journal content reflects this fact. The first picture I used recently as a source for my blog's temporary logo.

But as no army is complete without the foe, I'm sharing also an Inquisitor and my beloved Black Templars art.

Alternative Ironclad armor pattern - well, not exactly but...

Some new photos preceding the Planetstrike expansion release appeared on GW website. Did anyone notice an alternative pattern of Ironclad dreadnought front armor on one of the last photos?

I don't think, it's a conversion because they have two of them, exactly the same. Most probably these are two extra bits of Ironclad Assault Launchers which you can stick to the front plates. So, even not being really an alternative armor pattern, they can be used like this - if you don't want the Assault launchers they will count as simple Smoke launchers (free in terms of game points). This will allow you to hide a Tau-like design of Ironclad, which from the beginning is getting some critics among the Space Marine players.

UPDATE: Just a photo of Assault Launchers bits.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Troll Forged Miniatures - a well mixed pot

A kind of preview of Troll Forged Miniatures and their offer.
It is not so usual company as they define themselves as "resin casting services for independent sculptors". This seems to be true as their website contains incredible mix of everything, from fantastic top-notch figures to quite ridiculous creations, resembling some beginnings of fantasy miniatures production (yet, far superior to anything which I could sculpt by myself, to be fair).
Let's look at these Guardsmen, aren't they incredibly good?

Fortunately, at their forum I found some pictures of unpainted models and even a comparison with GW Catachan guardsman.

If you wish to further extend your range, they have finish-it-yourself kit of bodies with backpacks. Add any suitable head like those from Westwind or Pig Iron and that's it!

Fantasy section has also some very strong points like this Minotaur or Lizardmen below. These guys deserve a permanent job at GW or ForgeWorld!

Quick search in the forum shows that they have much more goodies just waiting for production. Check these dwarves below (and the orc is not bad, either).

Note: as usual, I used these pictures without permission. I hope that the small advertisement of their work which I did will pay back for my impoliteness. At the bottom of the right-hand column, you will find a permanent link to their website.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Chase - new WFB O&G models

New goblin and squigg models are coming this month. A preview has been shown in July'09 White Dwarf magazine. Although it's labeled Out Now, I cannot find it on GW website at the moment. Price is 7 GBP which is more less in line with other recent Orcs & Goblins collectors releases.

Despite that I'm big fan of all O&G stuff, I wonder what reasons are behind all this special models for them. The contrast with some completely abandoned armies (like Tomb Kings, Beasts or Bretonia) is especially striking. Is this all about sales level and popularity of particular armies? Under normal conditions, are those less popular armies supposed to get some attention from the company to bring them in line with the others? Well, probably I don't understand what business is about...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Death Guard horse and some flying stuff

More Nurgle bitz - I got some wings for Nurgle DP and homebuilt Raptors, and new mount for the Nurgle lord.
Lord is intended to ride a bike but following Bigred from BOLS and his old DG army, I tried to avoid std. wheeled model. The horse is from eBay but I'm not sure which company made it. Originally, it had a kind of undead wright as a rider.
The other bits I will maybe use to make my rider, but still not sure. As I have a spare torso of ForgeWorld Nurgle Terminator, I thougth of using it with possessed legs. Of course, it needs a head-swap to be distinct from terminators in a squad.

Second thing are the wings for my Daemon Prince. I have to choose between Zombie Dragon (up) and Winged Nigthmare (down) ones.

As I promised some time ago, below is also a comparison of both with a plastic dragon wings.

This set of wings I bought at some crazy price from one webstore to construct a squad of Nurgle Raptors. For the heads and legs, I will go with Possessed range. For the body, I probably use famous Iron Warriors "Conan-marine" bits. They shoud make strong contrast with bestial parts of the miniatures. At the moment, I have only 5 of them but buying another set will make the total cost rather heavy. So, in fact, I'm also not sure here...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tres enanitos y una princessa - Enigma miniatures (part 2)

Second batch of miniatures from Enigma.
Three dwarves - chaotic, regular and limited edition. The chaotic one is pretty much what I before expect for such guy - I love his grim look. But now, I also saw the Moscals from Scibor and they are far more original in design. If once will be a choice of more-less full ranges/armies, it will be hard for sure.

The two others are also very nice models - both having some fresh aspects in comparison with GW line.

The girl I bought without any special goal, maybe she will fit to Chaos Marauders regiment - I still have to compare them side by side. Despite her unquestionable feminine attractions, the content of her right hand leaves no doubts about her martial skills.

As a small bonus, I want to show this little pet. I'm sure that many Orc/Goblin warbosses would be interested, too.

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