Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Death Guard horse and some flying stuff

More Nurgle bitz - I got some wings for Nurgle DP and homebuilt Raptors, and new mount for the Nurgle lord.
Lord is intended to ride a bike but following Bigred from BOLS and his old DG army, I tried to avoid std. wheeled model. The horse is from eBay but I'm not sure which company made it. Originally, it had a kind of undead wright as a rider.
The other bits I will maybe use to make my rider, but still not sure. As I have a spare torso of ForgeWorld Nurgle Terminator, I thougth of using it with possessed legs. Of course, it needs a head-swap to be distinct from terminators in a squad.

Second thing are the wings for my Daemon Prince. I have to choose between Zombie Dragon (up) and Winged Nigthmare (down) ones.

As I promised some time ago, below is also a comparison of both with a plastic dragon wings.

This set of wings I bought at some crazy price from one webstore to construct a squad of Nurgle Raptors. For the heads and legs, I will go with Possessed range. For the body, I probably use famous Iron Warriors "Conan-marine" bits. They shoud make strong contrast with bestial parts of the miniatures. At the moment, I have only 5 of them but buying another set will make the total cost rather heavy. So, in fact, I'm also not sure here...

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  1. I am interested to see how the Lord on horse turns out, and I like the Zombie dragon wings for the DP.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer


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