Thursday, February 20, 2014

Second look at Dropzone Commander

I now this isn't any new discovery, but, for some reason, this game (Dropzone Commander) again caught my attention. Maybe because I finally noticed that they have a proper starter set already (since half a year, in fact)...
Do you like Starcraft? Making silly comparisons, here you have it on a tabletop...

Humans (UCM)

Zergs (Scourge)

Protos (PHR)

...and an additional nation (Shaltari) for even more diversity.

The starter has two reasonable forces of UCM and Scourge with plastic miniatures of very good quality as for 10 mm scale.

The latter fact (the scale) may be a huge advantage for those gamers who don't like to lug around boxes of 28 mm models (looking at you Radek ;-)!!! Price of this set is acceptable (60 GBP) but the problem is a lack of local retailer around my place. The only one I've seen has it on request only, with estimated delivery time of 1 month. Not convenient at all :-(

Hmm, have to look around if any people play this game here in Warsaw...

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry