Friday, August 24, 2012

Plastic titans are coming soon!

As all we know, crowd-funding is recently a hot topic in hobby-related business. Thus, I want to drag your attention to one of the most interesting projects up to date, IMO. DreamForge-Games is known from their massive resin kits, Leviathans, which by size and form correspond quite well to Forge World Warhammer 40000 titans.

There are, however, two main problems related directly to the size and construction material (resin), namely, price and limited availability. At ~350 USD (+s&h) these model are not easily affordable for average miniature collector. So, they found elegant solution for both issues by moving the model to plastic! From their Kickstarter project description:

"The Leviathan Crusader has made it to the pre-production phase (mold draft and parting line establishment for metal tooling) and is ready to become a plastic injected model kit. Not Resin, not Restic, not some soft plastic hybrid, but injected high impact polystyrene."

"Pledge $89 or more. Ready for Serious Stompin! - An 8 ½ tall plastic model kit of the Leviathan Crusader. That’s ¼ the price of a resin kit and made of injected plastic."

What can I say, at this price it is really exciting offer (IMO), and even with international shipping cost, it's still something I may consider to buy.

Moreover, they are going to produce plastic version of their Stormtroopers. At the moment they got much less supporters than Leviathan, but in a long run they may establish a base for a larger range of miniatures based on some original fluff/universe.

At the moment, this campaign got  more than 120% of the initially requested funding and still has 20 days to go! So the plastic titans are reality now. I looking for GW/Forge World response to this challenge (and not by issuing more lawsuits against independent companies).

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry