Friday, July 31, 2009

New forum - BoLS Lounge

It is always interesting to observe when some Big Fish of our common puddle is starting a new project. Such thing happens today as people at BoLS started a discussion forum - BoLS Lounge. It surely has a potential to be fantastic place but now it equally depends on us - miniature gamers and collectors - as on BoLS crew. In other words, even Microsoft cannot force new Windows if people doesn't like to use it :-). At the moment, I think we should give a chance to this project by joining the forum. This is especially easy for me, as I have never been involved those great forums like The Bolter&Chainsword or DakkaDakka.
Saying this, I joined this forum as MAGILER, but unfortunately my activity there will depend strongly on my constantly shrinking free time.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Plastic Black Knights - a simple idea for WFB Vampires

Simple conversion idea for making plastic Black Knights for WFB Vampire Counts army.
In fact it is almost pure kit-bashing job with one exception, but later about this.

I'm going to start with Tomb Kings skeleton horsemen by cutting riders in half. Exact place for cutting should be adjusted according to the selected torso.

One can name several possible kind of knightly torsos, which can be useful for these models. I've chosen Dark Elves Corsairs fronts paired with back of VC Grave Guard. First reason is that I have these bits at hand, but additionally I intend to emphasize an undead character of the models by showing (at least a little bit of) skeletal chest incorporated in Grave Guard's body-back. However, this skeletal chest is slightly wider than the hollow in Corsair's front armor plate, and this will require some converting effort (cutting/filing). For this reason, we can call this project a conversion :-)

If you prefer to avoid these front-back mismatch, I suggest to use DE Cold One Knights torsos.

Of course, one can go further and use almost complete DE Knights just swapping their heads and hands. At the moment, I don't know if this will require a big adjustment to legs' position.

As for the heads, I will use Grave Guard winged helmets with addition of one Skeleton Warriors head (down- middle). I thought about using some kind of full helmets (e.g. Bretonian knights) but this would make too large disproportion with spindly skeletal legs of the rider.

Additionally, I want to pimp a little bit the horse heads using some feathers-like ornaments from Empire range. These below are Empire knights bits with exception to the last one (Greatswords feather).

Finally, I will give them some nice shields. Being still undecided which ones I wish to use, I selected these 3 possibilities.

As I'm always short on time, I don't expect to see my models completed soon. So, if you have already built such regiment or have pictures of alternative approach to this problem, you can put a link in the comments.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lazy Sunday (4)

You never know which day a lazy Sunday mood will hit you...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to use a Steam Tank main body?

Soon (I hope), I will get the following parts of recently released plastic Steam Tank of Empire.

When looking at the complete model, this will be the non-blurred part of the vehicle from the below photo.

To be honest, I bought this bitz without clear idea what to do with them. So next, I would like to list some possibilities asking you about yours opinions.

1) Alternative turret for Baneblade/Hellhammer - will replace the original turret but not cannon.

2) Orks Battlewagon front body - will replace whole driver compartment. The second picture shows stage at which it can be mounted to the chassis. Probably mounted without the ST turret.

3) Land Raider front body replacement or, if it doesn't fit there, the main body upper extention - should be fitted to the top of the model probably without the floor. An open backside needs to be closed somehow.
4) Tzeentchian (does such word exist?) Defiler upper body replacement - as previously, a backside needs to be closed.

So, what would be your decision? Or maybe you have a better idea? Please, let me know in the comment...
PS. It seems that some unintended changes to the settings of my blog prevent all readers from commenting. Sorry for this, folks.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tyranid Trygon from Troll Forge - part 2

Second part of alternative Tyranids Trygon's bits walk-through. This time more complete picture of "what you are getting for your 70 USD". All bits are as-received without any cleaning. Carnifex parts are just for size comparison.

At the moment , I'm happy with this THING. If GW will release a plastic copy of FW Trygon in the future, only the better. In Poland there is an old sentence, saying that "two heads are better than one" (more-less).

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tomb Kings rumors - new Army Book in 2010

Few rumors about Tomb Kings for this time. Just recently, one guy from our local GW store told me that Tomb Kings are going to get new Army Book somewhere in 2010, but no word on precise schedule. The expected changes are going to be focused on re-deploying existing units over the sections of the book, without adding new ones. Also, a bunch of new characters will appear, some of them opening new possibilities for army construction. As for the models, both Skeleton Warriors and Tomb Guards are going to be redesigned, the latter appearing in plastic like recent VC Grave Guard. Additionally, Bone Giant is told to be more potent creature. And that's all, not too much details in fact... What do you think, is all these probable? Have anybody heard something similar? I'm interested in this army since I bought at a bargain price some large unpainted force of these bony guys to try Army Painter products on them...

I wish, they will also improve Ushabti, so they will fit into my army. I like the models very much but have no space for them at the moment.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tyranid Gargantuan Creature in resin

Another alternative resin monster for my Tyranids.
I'm little in hurry, preparing my talk for a photochemistry conference. So, just to be in touch with you folks, I want to show few photos of my new Trygon's head. As in previous posts, this is Troll Forged miniature sculpted by Hive Trygon, who seems to be spiritus movens of this company.

There are few broken teeth in overseas transport, but this can be fixed easily.

As for me, very nice details. Below, a comparison with Carnifex body and head.

Full creature, next time. Excuse me for just a teaser...

Monday, July 13, 2009

More resin bases - Iron Halo products

Following the Hogs of War's footsteps, I want to show some resin bases from Iron Halo which I bought taking advantage of some recent promotional action.
The main magnet to go with this particular company was their Deus Ex Machina product line.

60 mm

60 mm

40 mm

25 mm

Beside the full bases they make also 30, 40 and 50 mm inserts which can be easily glued to normal plastic base of proper diameter. They are quite thin so your squads will not be unnecessarily exposed to opponent fire.

In turn, all bases from Tauran refinery line are extremely thick. They are perfect to make your Independent Characters (or other special models) really standing out from the crowd.

Third line which I picked was the Fens. These bases I will obviously use for some Nurgle followers. Nice bubbles, see...

This last one is 120 mm oval base which triggered promotional discount and gave me excuse to drag all this stuff from New Zealand.

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