Friday, July 31, 2015

Another side of hobby life....

This is a link to my other hobby, which is photography:

It got recently substantial boost due to new DSLR camera. I hope that it will allow me to make some better photos of those tiny figurines...

Saturday, July 11, 2015

And our alternatives are...

      Upon looking at the assembled miniatures of Khornates and Sigmarines, I believe that the Age of Sigmar starter box has a great value, and the rules are free. However, the latter are seriously flawed for longbeard veteran players, by not having point values, nor army organization chart. Some groups made attempts to invent their own house-rules, but they always will be tainted by local impact and lack of broader acceptance. Another option is using well-comped rules of Warhammer 8th edition, but the "well-comped" term is quite crucial and goes into the same category as above mentioned modifications of Age of Sigmar.
      So, maybe it is the time to drop Warhammer rules altogether and try something different for our precious 28-mm fantasy miniatures. Below are just few propositions, I'm sure many more can be found ... the point is to encourage you for searching a system fitting your taste.

Kings of War 2nd edition by Mantic (free download)

One page rules (for fantasy, sci-fi and historical)

Shadow Storm aka Fantasy Hail Caesar PDF (

The Shattered Crown: The Fantasy War Game Reinvigorated (KS project)

Friday, July 10, 2015

Age of Sigmar, or Let's make it usable...

Sad days... after pretty long history of entertaining us (1983-2015), Warhammer Fantasy Battle is dead, or at least stored under Oldhammer label... We have a new product, which is quite far from being perfect. No points system and lack of any army organization chart make it difficult to use outside of a close friends circle, not even starting to talk tournament play... Simple counting wounds doesn't work, either...
Below, are 2 links to some preliminary (and unofficial, of course) ways of fixing the mentioned problems.  I found them interesting!

Age of Sigmar - Azyr Composition Rules (BOLS Lounge)

Simple point system for the Warscrolls (YT video)

Unofficial errata and game mods from GW store (sic!)

 (Jair Nunez conversion)

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry