Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jungle fighters everywhere!

Seems, the spring is upon us in Europe, and various jungle fighter squads left their winter dens... (No, I am not joking from Ukrainian problems with Putin and his company - they are too serious, and too sad for this).  

Now, I'm waiting for Kromlech...They already made a kind of attempt into this topic...

Then ,  there are these Victoria Miniatures squads, and you will decide if they fit the theme, or not...

P.S. Let me know, if there are some other non-obvious options, which I overlooked...

Monday, March 17, 2014

And Now for Something Completely Different

Gentlemen, don't be too serious...but even in a grimdark future do not forget your umbrella!

Miniature from ebay by Army Gainer aka (let this be my support to Ukraine). 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sexy legs competition (by IG standards...)

Today, I have short comparison of 3 sets of 28 mm guardsmen legs. They all sport autumn/winter outfit, i.e. greatcoats.

1) - set of 6 metal legs costs 7 euros (~9.7 USD). Very good detail and cast quality, although the material (white metal) makes them looking less attractive in the photo. Don't be fooled, upon painting they will be not worse then resin bits. One complaint, they have only 3 unique poses.

2) Blight Wheel Miniatures - set of 5 resin legs costs 8 euros (~11.1 USD). Again very good detail and quality. Resin material makes them more pleasant to work with, and all bits are unique pose. They are also the most expensive to purchase, with only five pieces per set.

3) Mad Robot Miniatures - set of 5 standing resin legs or 6 kneeling ones, each for 8 USD (~5.8 euros). Quality of the cast is the same good like both competitors, however detail is slightly worse, IMO. But this set has its own advantages. They are 7 unique poses in total, at the lowest price and in easy to process resin material.

So, finally, direct comparison of three sets:

I am happy with all of them. Even if some cheap plastic alternatives are in fact easily available since few years (like Wargames Factory troopers below)...

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry