Thursday, May 28, 2009

Never enough Marines

New SM models are coming, as there is never enough of these guys to protect humanity...

I just saw this Kor'sarro Khan model on the GW website and although I like it, I'm also in doubt how can I use it in my SM forces. My armies will be limited to large Black Templars force (I already have more figs than enough) and some regular Codex chapter constructed from leftover bitz, but definitely not White Scars. Are you planing to use it? Any ideas - maybe some head-swap? Well, he probably just will land on the shelf...

I have mixed feelings about Ironclad Dread. This pattern on the front reminds me Tau models, even if something similar appeared previously in SM range, I think. I like his bulky DCCW right arm, and Seismic Hammer is not bad either. The bad is that his lower chassis (axle elements) seems to be the same like in regular dreadnought. At least those feets are massive to support him... What are yours feelings?

With these bolters he looks even better, crazy creation of Adeptus Mechanicus


  1. Kor'sarro Khan, I think he needs a bike since that is his major strength.
    On foot he is not as impressive as they made him out to be. Looks good for a mini though.

    I love the ironclad. Its just damn brutal looking.

  2. If you do a head swap, file off all the White Scars iconography & add in some decent BT icons, I say he would make for a very unique & impressive Emperor's Champion.

    The Ironclad looks brutal enough, but as I'll be kitbashing my own dreads from my oversized Gundam model kit collection, I highly doubt that I'll be buying any GW dreads.

  3. For me, GW dreads are, next to terminators and genestealers, one of the most characterful models in 40K universe (I know , everybody has its own). So, sooner or later, I will buy this one also, but it does not mean that I will not split it into parts to improve this or that :-)


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