Friday, June 26, 2009

Troll Forged Miniatures - a well mixed pot

A kind of preview of Troll Forged Miniatures and their offer.
It is not so usual company as they define themselves as "resin casting services for independent sculptors". This seems to be true as their website contains incredible mix of everything, from fantastic top-notch figures to quite ridiculous creations, resembling some beginnings of fantasy miniatures production (yet, far superior to anything which I could sculpt by myself, to be fair).
Let's look at these Guardsmen, aren't they incredibly good?

Fortunately, at their forum I found some pictures of unpainted models and even a comparison with GW Catachan guardsman.

If you wish to further extend your range, they have finish-it-yourself kit of bodies with backpacks. Add any suitable head like those from Westwind or Pig Iron and that's it!

Fantasy section has also some very strong points like this Minotaur or Lizardmen below. These guys deserve a permanent job at GW or ForgeWorld!

Quick search in the forum shows that they have much more goodies just waiting for production. Check these dwarves below (and the orc is not bad, either).

Note: as usual, I used these pictures without permission. I hope that the small advertisement of their work which I did will pay back for my impoliteness. At the bottom of the right-hand column, you will find a permanent link to their website.


  1. Their fantasy miniatures are impressive looking for a smaller company. The guardsmen are just too blocky. From a design perspective, their bodies are just a series of rectangles. It's a good start, but needs improvement!

  2. I ordered a kind of tyranid trygon from them and if everything will be OK, next I will give a chance to these guardsmen. So, look here in the future for more photos of them, as I find them good enough to try...

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