Monday, September 22, 2014

Miniature bases - one more option

I believe, supporting interesting KS campaigns is important for development of our hobby. This is a reason why I'm putting so much effort in this direction lately... Nevertheless, another nice project with Polish participants:

Formally, this are inserts for recessed bases, but you can glue it on the top of the regular base as well...

No much more to say, it all depends on your taste and the value of the offer, which is better and better with each stretch goal reached.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New painting tutorial from France - traditional paper approach

Nowadays, the amount of electronic publications which one can find through the web is enormous. This apply also to our little hobby of painting tiny toys with acrylic paints. However, some people still like traditional paper books, especially those full of pretty pictures. Multiple enthusiastic opinions regarding such publications as Forge World Model Masterclass books shows this quite clearly.

Figone, a French miniature company is running Indiegogo campaign to publish a book devoted to miniature painting techniques.

The goals are pretty simple. So, take a look, maybe will find it interesting...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

So, all those Americans were green, you say?

Although KS campaigns lost their novelty feeling long time ago, some of them are still really exciting for me. One example just started and it is about WW2 themed Ork army in 28mm scale:

Below are some interesting photos, imo:

The miniatures look fantastic and cast quality of MaxMini has been proven in the past. The only small disadvantage is the material of ork and gretchin's bodies - white metal. Not because of detail quality (as this is equally good for metal and resin, the metals are just difficult to photograph without paint) but because of sheer weight of the squad :-).

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry