Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Chase - new WFB O&G models

New goblin and squigg models are coming this month. A preview has been shown in July'09 White Dwarf magazine. Although it's labeled Out Now, I cannot find it on GW website at the moment. Price is 7 GBP which is more less in line with other recent Orcs & Goblins collectors releases.

Despite that I'm big fan of all O&G stuff, I wonder what reasons are behind all this special models for them. The contrast with some completely abandoned armies (like Tomb Kings, Beasts or Bretonia) is especially striking. Is this all about sales level and popularity of particular armies? Under normal conditions, are those less popular armies supposed to get some attention from the company to bring them in line with the others? Well, probably I don't understand what business is about...

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Best of Larry