Sunday, June 14, 2009

Your ENIGMAtic heroes

Increasing prices of already expensive products in the middle of economic crisis is an efficient way to discourage you from buying those overpriced things. So, I decided to look for some alternatives and bought some stuff from Enigma, spanish miniature company. In fact, their products are not so much cheaper, but they have several quite unique miniatures and give you a pleasure of supporting the competition. I just wanted to buy an alternative for Herald of Nurgle, but found that they have v. good offer for multi-figure packages. Below are few photos of first set which I got.

The one above is properly nasty but little too small for my taste - probably he will occupy a palanquin.

Another chosen of Papa Nurgle; can be used in Daemon or WFB Chaos army.

This one has pretty simple body but with rich texture. His head pretends him to be an undead but can also fit Daemons and even mortal Chaos.

These two are my favorite for WFB Nurgle heroes - kind of minis which I'm buying as a collector, even if have no plans for gaming with them.

As a summary, I want to say that I've paid 7.5 euro per mini with free shipping and I'm glad with this purchase.

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  1. Wow, what a great discovery! They definitely look more than suitable as Nurglesque stand-ins. As for the first model, if you're intending to use it as a Herald (if I'm not wrong, that means it should be a plague-bearer), I think it would work quite well after sculpting a cyclops eye on its face. Very interesting & well-sculpted models.


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