Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some more crazy way to spend your money - Orky dice

Buying (semi)custom dice for my Orks can be an expensive bussines. I just follow The Vanus Temple in the craziness of orky-designed D6 dice purchase. With added shipping cost to Spain, they will be around 1 Euro per piece, but I ordered enough that after re-selling the excess my cost will drop to 1 USD/each or even less.
If you want to be orky-cunnin and join this foolishness, please refer to this page, BUT read first this thread. The orders for current production batch will be accepting until the end of April 2010, and then you have to wait...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bloody God will be pleased with new BA ruleset

Latest Blood Angel codex gives some nice alternatives for khornate Chaos SM armies. Saying this, I'm preparing my own iteration, using some of the models picked up during last Christmas shopping fever.
As typical in such a case, I really had no clear plan for them, but now I'm going with 2ooo pts mech-type list. It has an obvious flaw against assault-heavy armies, but what is BA-related force without one :-). Usually, I like to have a lot of folks in my marines armies and this list will give me some change.
At the moment, it is as following:


Terminators Assault Squad x5 - thunder hammers/storm shield
Furioso Dreadnought - blood talons

Assault Squad w/o jump packs x5 - meltagun, in Razorback (lascannon/TL-plasma)
Assault Squad w/o jump packs x5 - meltagun, in Razorback (lascannon/TL-plasma)
Assault Squad w/o jump packs x5 - meltagun, in Razorback (lascannon/TL-plasma)
Assault Squad w/o jump packs x5 - meltagun, in Razorback (lascannon/TL-plasma)

Baal Predator (magnetized to have both turret options)
Baal Predator

Vindicator - dozerblade
Vindicator - dozerblade

Total - 2000 pts with Blood Angels codex.

Librarians are giving psychic protection (hood and Shield of Sanguinus), as well as some offensive option (Blood Lance or Force Weapon).

Terminators are riding in Stormraven with Furioso, but should disembark quickly as SR is definitely not a Landrider (Av 12 vs 14, respectively). Both, Termis and Dread models from Forgeworld.

Troops are typical mech spam, but as they don't have staying power of Plaguemarines, maybe I will swap 2 squads for one big going with power-fisted Sergeant in a Rhino. Another option is to drop only one squad but include powerfist as a sixth body to the rest. Forgeworld models for dudes and transports.

Fast Attack choice is easy. I just have to do small conversions and to magnetize weapon options.

Vindicators I already have from some 3-in-a-box bargain, and they need finally affiliation.

Stormraven will be created from a mix of Landrider and Valkyrie bits, in a way similar to Spikey Bits approach.

In more distant future I want to expand this force to something more versatile. This will include few special characters and some jump-packed squads. The pictures below shows my ideas for HQ choices.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Finally the plastic Boar Boyz!

GW just presents new plastic Boar Boyz and they are fantastic for me! These new boars are refreshing and brings back some humorous feel to the Orks, still being scary enough to fit rest of your force.

All three sprues are below. Look at these new screaming ork heads, they are very nice.

They will release also new River Trolls. Now vomit attack is no longer exclusive to GameZone models :-). I have to take a second look to decide if like them more then old ones, but it is definitely a surprise to see them, as the metal ones were still very good looking (much better then stone trolls).

And speaking about the trolls... Gaspez-Arts has a new one chaotic in WIP section, but is already painted, so it should be soon in stock. I suppose for 15 Euros apice (just prediction).

Monday, April 5, 2010

Alternative Minotaurs - appendix A

A continuation of minotaur-searching quest.
My previous post about minotaurs is already so large, that I decided to put some additional models into the new one:

1) Gaspez-Art will have soon an additional model (currently WIP).

2) Otherworld Miniatures has its brave but inexpensive proposition.

3) Ścibor Teleszyński (Scibor Monstrous Miniatures) finally finished his three models and is selling them separately.

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