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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thunderwolves cavalry - post scriptum

I already have my wolf-riders, so this proposition is just a kind of twist on TWC topic. Let's use bears instead of wolves. The idea is not new but now you can just "go and buy" necessary models:
Osito 1.

Osito 2.

Osito 3.

They look a little slow, but at least one can believe now in T5 and 3+ armor save.
Send me a link to the photos, please, if somebody will  use them as TWC ...

Skaven Poisoned Wind Mortar Team

While I'm thinking who is going to win my edition of  Super Blog Chain Giveaway, I wish to show you these two approaches to Skaven Poisoned Wind Mortar Team model. One is official-though-not-yet-actually-released plastic model from new WFB starter box. The other is "fully unofficial' resin cast from the deeps of  internet's gray-commerce. The former you can already pre-order in bits services for 5 GBP apiece, the latter will cost you 16 USD (+ shipping) on "the Bay of E".

GW model ...

... and Russian counter-proposal. Enjoy!

BTW, guys at Micro Art Studio are selling Nezumi Heads Chem set, which can be interesting to further increase variation of skaven models.

Update: Following a request, I'm adding two links: auction and seller.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grunwald 1410 - 2010 spot (not completely off topic)

Something for WFB fans. See this spot on youtube. It has been made under direction of Tomasz Bagiński, who is an artist known for his animations.
But if you are a person who doesn't like knights (anyone exists?), below are some graphical projects of more futuristic feeling (from Hardkor 44 project, a movie about Warsaw Uprising in 1944). Enjoy!

Friday, July 23, 2010

If you don't like Plasma Hatchers... can buy this toy from Mr.Dandy's WarGamma miniature line. It's more expensive, but looks like actual (nah, how you can know!) alive alien-thingy.

Recently, I got some wolves from them, and basing on this experience, I expect a very good quality of casting.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Super Blog Chain Giveaway - free, free stuff for you!

As I recently won (and received) an old-school Screamer-Killer Carnifex from Faolain at Awakening Ynnead blog, I´m starting now my own giveaway to keep things moving...

What is the Super Blog Chain Giveaway?
The fellows over at
Santa Cruz Warhammer got the ball rolling in an effort to foster folks in our community reaching out and seeing what other blogs have to offer as well extending a helping hand to fellow gamers.

Want to participate?
If you want to win a prize of your own and join this Give-Away, go comment on this blog. The rules of the give-away are as follows:

1) You must have a blog.
2) You must have something worthwhile to offer up to give away for free.
3) If you win, you must hold your own blogsite giveaway using the same rules to pay it forward. You must contact us with a link to your give away so we can send bloggers to your site. 
4) You may only enter once per give away.

To Enter: 

1) Be follower of this blog (must be something for me, too!)
2) Leave a comment to this post as follows:
- 1st sentence, why you need the prize (justify your need!).
- 2nd sentence, what you will give away on your blog to pay it forward.

I will choose the winner based on how convincing they are and what they offer to the next winner.

What’s in it for you?
The winner will receive
five (5) unpainted unassembled plastic SM terminators (with generic-codex, OR Dark Angels Deathwing, OR Black Templars, OR Space Wolves shoulder pads - your choice!), OR alternatively five (5) ForgeWorld Plague Marines with bolters and plasma gun (also not painted, unassembled). Just to avoid disappointment, notice that these are bits (new, never used) but not full sprues/boxes. Of course, free shipping included!

UPDATE (24/07/2010): I want to encourage people a little bit, so I will give to the winner a set of  5 tech-industrial themed resin bases of a proper size (40 or 25 mm).

The dead line to enter will be the August 5th, 2010, and then I will announce the winner within few days (depending on my holidays :-).

The best of luck to you.....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I love plastic Warhammer models (demons)

There was a time when I preferred metal figures, because they were just better looking, more detailed, ect. But recent progress in plastic processing simply killed most of these arguments. plastic models are similarly detailed while are much easier for modifications. Thus, I really enjoy an announcement of new plastic Warhammer demons... even if, I already purchased resin Thunderwolves and do not need these Bloodcrushers so much...

 (UPDATE) My trusted sources told me that plastic Bloodcrushers box will be released August 21st, 2010.

...and Advance Order from GW webstore:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Garage models are getting better and better

Just two keywords: 'eBay' and '120 USD'.

Very interesting, even if too expensive for me at this moment. And also beyond the line of copyrights infringement, IMO.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nice stuff from the net, or where to spend your money

Looking recently through eBay in search of thunderwolves models, I found several interesting positions. All are "Made in Russia". Maybe useful for someone...

Daemon prince - 65 USD.

Space Ork Warboss - 45 USD.

Kroot on big ape - 35 USD.

Space Marine Commander Vulkan - 25 USD.

Ogre Soldier with base - 32 USD.

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