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Alternative Minotaurs - quick look

Minotaur converted from old Citadel daemon prince.
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With a release of new army book Beastmen lost many monsters (like Shaggoth or Dragon Ogres in general). Instead, they got these plastic Minotaurs, which many regard as controversial models. Personally, I see obvious flaws of these figures, but I'm also far from rejecting them. It is just one of this cases, when the sculpt is not enough good to make "auto-win" mini, but everything depends on painting. You can hide the flaws with your brush, or grave the model completely, and this will be much more pronounced than for other sculpts.
So, for those who do not like new plastics, I did some CMoN/Google search and below are some alternative (non-GW) miniatures. Definitely, it is not a complete range, and to be honest, I even did not go through all CMoN "minotaur" pictures.
(Minis are in random order - no offense to any artist ;-).

1) Scibor Teleszynski has one in stock and three more in WIP section. Additionally, he made some conversions spotted on CMoN, so probably also you can ask him to do modify his figures.

2) Ilyad Games does not exist any more (as far as I know), but you can look at Bay of E...

3) Rackham made many Minos for Confrontation. Maybe not my favorite style ... but nice figurines by themselves...

4) Hasslefree Miniatures has currently some limited edition offer (resin), but regular metal version is expected later. This will be only with two heads options (as you can read in the picture inset). Notice that, this is probably the only fully armored minotaur I have seen...

5) Heresy Miniatures

6) Troll Forged Miniatures

7) Inch High Games, seems they also do not exist as a company, any more. ; .../163775 ; .../163776

8) Gaspez Arts

9) Reaper

10) Hurloon Minotaur from Magic: The Gathering

11) old Chainmail Zombie Minotaur

12) Yedharo Models
Rather beastman than minotaur but is so big that can "cout as"....

13) Avatars of War

14) Enigma Miniatures - the second one (Ahnamoth) is huge, as it has 80 mm in hight.

15) Minos Miniatures

... and probably many more. Feel free to post any links in comments.

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry