Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Empire Steam Cruiser - preparations

Another project for WFB in preparation; this time a warmachine for Empire. Being little disappointed by (hefty)price-to-(puny)size ratio of new Steam Tank model, I bought a bunch of necessary bits and started Project Steam-Cruiser ;-).
The list is not yet complete, but I already went back and forth over my ideas and know what I need.
So, pray to Sigmar for some free time for me...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Inquisitorial Rhino and more

Not exactly what I've promised in one of the previous posts, but maybe nice ideas.
How to make interesting Rhino for your O. Malleus or O. Xenos Inquisitor? Just put a turret on it! Below is my first attempt to make such vehicle.

Not bad, IMO.

Blogger rotated next photo for unknown reason...

The turret can be shifted to the back, if you want alternative approach, but the result is much worse...

If it works for Rhino, so what about good old Leman Russ tank?

This needs more converting, maybe some passenger compartment at the back? But what this will be?My collection reaches four pieces which gives me many options to mix Rhinos, Chimeras, Baneblades (sponson turrets)... What to choose?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kroot Heavy Support for sale (I want this!)

I decided to advertise this auction not having any personal profit, as it is quite special thing for sale. Such occasions are these sparse moments when I regret not living in USA :-)
Check these photos and bid if you like it:

Size comparison:

Check also this post for details.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Static firespots for Planetstrike

This is size comparison of GW turret base (coming with Imperial Bastion set) with a turret base produced by Old Crow Models:

GW product you have as a bonus stuff "for free". The other one cost much more (but will not make a hole in your pocket) but is also bigger and more sophisticated.
This is how do they look with their respective turrets (sold separately in case of Old Crow):

That's all, I'm sure both will find some proper use.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Making Hydra flak tank (1)

Some months ago, when a preview of Aegis Defence Line set appeared in the Web, I've immediately thought about using its parts as a flak cannons for IG Hydra. Yeah, fast and cheap solution but also little cheap result...
To be clear, I have nothing against Forge World model and could bear the price at current euro/GBP rate, but I like alternatives also.
So, it did not take long until I bought this set:

It is produced by Warforged miniatures and I got mine from D6 Hobbies store. They are well done and details level is satisfactory for either IG or Ork army. The latter however has currently much better option from FW.

They are 18 USD per set, plus s&h, which is rather expensive if you consider necessity of turret construction.
Speaking of turret construction, it should be relatively easy using plasticard and some spare bits. Warforged Miniatures guy showed this somewhere in one post.
But, I decided to check first what Old Crow is offering:

This turret is definitely too small and will fit much better with their original armament (at the back). So, lets go for the another turret:

Second set is much more promising but only if you will stay with one pair of autocannons. If you like to use it with missiles as a Manticore, you should also check this post and the related ones at 42nd Cadian.

Full set of four cannons does not fit, which leaves me unfortunately at starting point... Seems I have to find some time and make a turret from plasticard and bits below:
These are Baneblade side plates and Hellhound back. Not expensive at all, but this time...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Simplest Rhino conversion ever

Probably everybody though about this mix for a second, but maybe nobody tried to put these parts together, as it's veeery obvious idea. I tried to do this and below are some results:

There isn't much to say - like it or not, you decide.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Space Wolves marines sprues

Just another photo of new Space Wolves marines sprue. These are very nice details for SW squads although the bits are not so useful for other chapters (unlike Dark Angels or Black Templars), IMO.

From the first sprue, I like an ax and a body front. From the other, a walking legs (knee-pad on one said only) and a skull-decorated shoulder pad.
Additionally, there are many interesting wild heads w/o helmets, which will allow building a very nice Kislevite army for WFB.
P.S. Other photos of this sprues you can find on BoLS. If you have a link to SW Terminator sprues, paste it in the comments, please.

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