Thursday, May 28, 2009

Never enough Marines

New SM models are coming, as there is never enough of these guys to protect humanity...

I just saw this Kor'sarro Khan model on the GW website and although I like it, I'm also in doubt how can I use it in my SM forces. My armies will be limited to large Black Templars force (I already have more figs than enough) and some regular Codex chapter constructed from leftover bitz, but definitely not White Scars. Are you planing to use it? Any ideas - maybe some head-swap? Well, he probably just will land on the shelf...

I have mixed feelings about Ironclad Dread. This pattern on the front reminds me Tau models, even if something similar appeared previously in SM range, I think. I like his bulky DCCW right arm, and Seismic Hammer is not bad either. The bad is that his lower chassis (axle elements) seems to be the same like in regular dreadnought. At least those feets are massive to support him... What are yours feelings?

With these bolters he looks even better, crazy creation of Adeptus Mechanicus

Monday, May 25, 2009

Another wings (2)

Just few more alternatives to add wings to your monsters.

- Heresy Miniatures gives two nice propositions:
a) Azaroth, The Fallen One (13 GBP for pair)

b) B'Hakoth the Destroyer (7 GBP for pair).

- Hasslefree Miniatures has smaller, cheaper, yet equally useful offer:

Imogen wings - each wing approximately 51mm long and 35mm (at the widest point); at 2 GBP/pair they are cheap like plastic ones.

Finally, more for curiosity than real option, as they both are limited edition figures, and you have to buy full miniature to get the wings, but I couldn't resist:

Dark Sword Miniatures - 2008 Limited Edition Elmor Demoness
(15 USD at CMON webstore but only 4 are in stock)

CoolMiniOrNot Limited Edition (300 casts in total, 15 USD) - Lyn, Winged Succubus

That's all, have a nice flights...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fast conversion idea - Hydra

New 5th edition's rules brought a huge need for efficient LOS-blocking pieces of terrain. It seems that Planetstrike expansion is going to fill this hole, at least if you are able to pay for the pleasure.
But the point of this post is quite different - many of new and old IG players are appreciating the newly standardized Hydra Flak tank, but the price of FW resin model is 41 GBP. Although the crisis-shaped exchange rate to USD or Euro makes it easier to bear, it is still a lot of money. So, I looked at new Planetsrike Aegis Defence Line and what I saw? A Flak Cannons ready to be mounted on Chimera chassis. Please, take a look...

Sure, I perfectly know that the final effect will not be the same like from FW, but this solution is intended to be cost- and (especially) time-efficient. Personally, I'm going to construct such vehicle, even though my budget can stand the price of resin.

UPDATE (02/08/2009): Finally, I found that somebody did this simple conversion. Look into the link below and enjoy:

Update 2: An alternative approach can be find here.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Joining the From the Warp Blogger Group

As I recently join the FtW Blogger Group, I would like to welcome all the visiting members of this reputable community. I hope that your fantastic contributions will motivate me to continuous improving of this tiny web-place.
Also, I would like to encourage all non-associated Readers to get familiar with the FtW society by following this link (or by clicking on the FtW logo displayed on the right-hand side).

Sunday, May 10, 2009

More wings (1)

I'm sure that at some stage any modeler (even most gaming-oriented one) needs to go beyond an official 'approved' design of the figures. For this reason, I'm going to add some supplement to my previous post showing some GW wings for conversion. This time let's look for some alternative wings which you can buy easily due to the warp-stores mm... I meant, web-stores.

ULTRAFORGE - they have two kinds of extremely interesting wings and reasonable shipping conditions. The smaller should be perfectly suitable for some daemon princes or similar models. They are readily available through their web-store and are cheap.

The larger ones have been designed for their dragons and greater demons and I've only seen them as separate item in a reseller store. So, you have to ask them if want to buy directly from Canada.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Heresy! I bought a finished conversion...

Today, I have to confess something - I bought a miniature converted and put together by another person even I thought before that I will never do something like this. To defend myself, I have to say that this is rather extensive conversion, quite close to original sculpting. The author is Ścibor Teleszyński form Poland, very well known from selling many converted and original figurines. Below are some photos of this miniature, taken from Ścibor's website - I will post mine own pictures soon.

As it's obvious, he will be a Marshal of my Black Templars forces. Moreover, I will try to copy the central motif of his shield for a squad of TH/SS Terminators. The author claims that, he uses computer-designed molds, so this shield is not so terribly unique that cannot be copied for personal use.

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