Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Psykers (IG rumors part 3)

One of the most interesting trick-source unit in the approaching IG codex are Sanctioned Psykers. Both, Primaris Psyker (HQ) and Psyker Battle Squad (Elite) have a nice shooting attack, but their other psychic abilities are of more interest.

Primaris Psyker (HQ, Independent Character, Psyker)
- 70 pts;
Flak armour, Laspistol, Force weapon, Frag grenades, Refractor field;
Special rules:
- It's For Your Own Good - if suffer Perils attack and there is a Commissar in the unit then Psyker is automatically killed (executed by Commissar);
Psychic Powers:
- Lightninc Arc: shooting attack - 25"/6/5/Assault 2D6;
- Nightshroud: At the start of psyker's Movement phase; If successful, to shoot at psyker (or his unit) enemy must pass Leadership test or is loosing his shooting (vehicles counts as Ld 10); effect lasts until nex psyker's Movement phase.

Psyker Battle Squad (Elite, Psyker (not the Overseer))
- 60 pts for Overseer and 4 psykers; can buy up to 5 more for 10 pts/psyker
Squad may take Chimera transport;
Flak armour, Laspistol, CCW;
Sanctioned Psyker - 2/3/2/3/1/3/1/9/5+
Overseer - 3/3/3/3/1/3/2/9/5+
Special rules:
- Psychic Choir - all squad acts as single psyker for using Powers;
- Ultimate Sanction - if the squad suffers Perils attack, then the Overseer kills D3 psykers instead; if Overseer already killed then every psyker have to resolve Perils attack.
Psychic Powers:
- Soulstorm: shooting attack - 36"/S/D6/Assault 1, Large blast (S = number of psykers in the squad);
- Weaken Resolve: during Shooting phase at 36" range with Line of sight; for the remainder of the turn, the target enemy unit has Ld reduced by the number of psykers in squad (to a min. of 2).

Disclaimer: all above are web-collected unconfirmed rumors. You should refer to a copy of official IG codex once it will be available in order to play your WH40K games.

I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings

Some time ago, I decided to purchase a wings for my (planned) Nurgle Demon Prince. The piece of choice was Zombie-dragon wings from GW web-store. My feelings were quite mixed when the box arrived - this wings are nice but surprisingly small! At last, they are supposed belong to a dragon... Below you can find a comparison with standard plastic dragon wings (which have the same price, btw):

To follow the idea, I will present in this post some of the typical and not-so-usual wings which can be useful in any 28mm system.
First, the bread-and-butter of all monstrous creatures - Dragon vs. Balrog (both GW, of course):

The next round is Chaos SM Possessed (down) vs. Dark Pegasus (the former being much cheaper in my favorite bitz-store, but not so easy to catch):

They will power-up my Nurgle Raptors (the metal one are for champion; this squad is a little crazy idea but maybe will evolve into something different when/if plastic Chaos Raptors will be released this summer).

to be continued...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shine your lights on me, baby

The Necrons are in my opinion one of these armies which you can build relatively quickly, once you will feel an urge to expand your gaming range. At least, this is true at an average level of painting. However, the situation can be quite different if one wants to get from his models a little more than usual ...

Illuminated Necron Monolith model by
Movie part 1, Movie part 2, Movie part 3, Movie part 4.
(The comments are in polish language but the picture shows the point.)

While I'm far* from going into the Necrons, this kind of bedside lamp is very tempting to construct.

(*) for the moment, :-)

First look at my Tyranids

The list presented below isn't a strict army list. It's rather some rough walk through my current collection without going into details (which will come in not so distant future, I hope). I will try to keep this list updated, when I will decide for particular broods composition and options. So, it seems that this post is made more for myself than for you, dear Reader. It is intended to motivate me for regular and focused work for the Hive Mind hidden deep in my underwear wardrobe.


1) Hive Tyrant - regular metal model, intended for shooty beast with Guard;
2) Hive Tyrant - conversion from plastic Carnifex body (sometimes called "reversed body design") with magnetized wings;
3) Broodlord - std metal model, but I've already seen some inspiring conversions (btw, does anyone know a reason why this guy doesn't have FLEET rule?);
4) 2 x Tyrant Guard - one current and one OOP model (with shield); not decided if the old one will finish as a Warriors brood leader;
5) 11 x Genestealers - Broodlord's bodyguard, maybe with modified heads (like that of Alienilia brood);


1) Carnifex - a metal model from previous edition, still waiting for conversion ideas (beside a shooty configuration);
2) Carnifex - plastic body-&-legs set, bought for a favorite bitz-webstore. It will use some spare parts from three regular Carnifexes (see below);
3) 9 x Warriors - I'm tempted for a Dethspitter build, those blast weapons are scary in 5th ed.;
4) Lictor


1) 4 x Genestealer Brood (12 beasts each) - basic build with Feeder Tendrils, although I'm not sure if I will model actual tendrils on all those bugs. For the number per brood, some people claim that between 8 and 10 is an optimal count, but what about loses from any incoming fire during the initial turns advance?
2) 16 Hormagaunts
3) 16 Termagaunts - these two broods are from big Assault Brood box I bought to start my tyranids. They will add to some flexibility of my army composition but has never been tought as a core creatures;
4) Ripper swarm - the number of bases depends on modelling decisions, but I intend to put rather more than less per single base and maybe buy one Forge World set;

Fast Attack

1) Gargoyle brood - currently six "birds" but will grow to ten, I hope;
2) Ravener - two old-fashioned models, which have been converted to slaaneshi spawns but maybe will find their way back to homeland;

Heavy Support

1) 3 x Zoanthropes - current models. I like the old ones too but three is enough (at the moment);
2) 3 x Carnifex - full-option plastics, waiting for decisions (or magnetization).

Last updated: 22/04/2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

IG rumors continued - part 2

Being initially impressed by Leman Russ variety included in approaching IG codex, I went at first rather quickly through the other vehicles news. The truth however is that variations of Chimera tank play at least equally important role in the army as the bigger brother (generally speaking; details depend on particular army composition, of course). A common chassis bind together such different-role machines like Colossus, Bane Wolf or chimera, to cite a few. For this reason, now we will have a closer look at these toys.

Hellhound - Inferno cannon (Tmpl within 12" range, 6/4, Hvy 1) - 130 pts
Devil Dog - Melta cannon (24", 8/1, Hvy 1, melta, blast) - 120 pts
Bane Wolf - Chem cannon (Tmpl, 1/3, Hvy 1, poisoned 2+) - 130 pts
All three are 12/12/10 (F/S/R) and BS 3.

Hydra - Hdr. Autocannon (72", 7/4, Hvy 2) - 12/10/10 - 75 pts
This beast has Auto-targeting System disabling both, skimmers speedy cover saves and bikers turbo-boosting ones.

Basilisk - Earthshaker cannon (36-240", 9/3, Ord Brg 1, Large blast) - 125 pts
Medusa - Siege cannon (36", 10/2, Ord 1, Large blast) - 135 pts - can have special shells (48", 10/1, Hvy 1, blast, +D6 armor penetration, for 5 pts/model)
Colossus - Siege mortar (24-240", 6/3, Ord Brg 1, Large blast, no direct fire, no cover sv.) - 140 pts
Griffon - Grf. Heavy mortar (12-48", 6/4, Ord Brg 1, Large blast, no direct fire) - can re-roll scatter dice - 75 pts
All four are 12/10/10 and open-topped but can buy Enclosed crew compartement for 15 pts.

Manticora - 4 x Storm Eagle rocket (24-120", 10/4, Ord Brg D3, Large blast) - 12/10/10 - 160 pts

Deathstrike Missile Launcher - 1 shot fired upon (D6 + modifiers) roll equal or more than 6 (12-960", 10/1, Ord Brg 1, D3+3" special blast, no direct fire, no cover sv.) - 12/12/10 - 160 pts

At the bottom of these, there is a new plastic kit announced for Hellhound/Devil Dog/Bane Wolf (3 in 1) but we have to stick to Forge World (or scratch builds) for others.

Disclaimer: all above are web-collected unconfirmed rumors. You should refer to a copy of official IG codex once it will be available in order to play your WH40K games.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I love bizarre tanks! (IG rumors)

As said in the title, I love those bizarre tank constructions of the past, either rhomboid mothers of all of them (British Mark I - IX range), or multi-turret ones (like infamous Russian T-35). Some of them are considered successful, others failed, but this aspect is not important here. What matters is that they are protoplasts of our Land Raiders and Baneblades. In comparison, the design of Leman Russ Battle Tank can be regarded as quite modern. However, I know how much critics this poor baby take from some Abrams- and Leopard-lovers. For me, this vehicle is one of the most important ingredients in the Imperial Guards pot. Saying this, I'm grinning with glad that finally, after years of waiting, some of the Forge World variants found their place in the latest incarnation of the IG 40K codex. So, let's take a look ...
As everybody expect, all versions have BS 3. Equally common is the Wargear list consisted of Heavy bolter (HB), searchlight and smoke launchers and new Lumbering Vehicle special rule (vide infra). Any model may exchange its HB with Heavy Flamer (HF, free) or Lascannon (15 pts). Any model may take sponsons: HB or HF for 20 pts, Multi-meltas for 30 pts, Plasma Cannons for 40 pts per model, plus some additional minor upgrades.
Variants are as following:

basic Leman Russ - Battle cannon (72", 8/3, Ord 1, Large blast) - 150 pts, (F/S/R: 14/13/10)
Exterminator - Ext. Autocannon (48", 7/4, Hvy 4, Twin-linked) - 150 pts, (14/13/10)
Vanquisher - Vqs. Battle cannon (72", 8/2, Hvy 1, +D6 for armour penetr.) - 155 pts, (14/13/10)
Eradicator - Erd. Nova cannon (36", 6/4, Hvy 1, Large blast, no Cover Sv.) - 160 pts (14/13/10)
Demolisher - Dms. Siege cannon (24", 10/2, Ord 1, Large blast) - 165 pts (14/13/11)
Punisher - Pns. Gatling cannon (24", 5/-, Hvy 20) - 180 pts (14/13/11)
Executioner - Ecr. Plasma Cannon (36", 7/2, Hvy 3, Blast) - 190 pts (14/13/11)

For Lumbering Vehicle rule: if our tank moved at combat speed or was stationary, it can fire turret weapon (any type) in addition to other allowed weapons, but at cruising speed can only move D6 + 6".
As a closing remark I can remember that all this goodies come in squadrons of 1-3 tanks.
So, count your GBP carefully for FW resin sets, or (if you're patient) wait for GW plastics scheduled for late summer release.

Disclaimer: all above informations are unconfirmed rumors collected and put together from various websites over last few weeks. So, enjoy but don't hold a grudge against me, in case they are "not so precise".

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

LR Redeemer / Crusader sprues

UPDATE (01/08/2009): GW online store has these sprues for sale.

I know, it's old thing but I enjoy it a lot. These are the essentials of famous Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer.

I'm still not decided - will make one LR with interchangeable weapons (magnets) or two separate machines with a little help of some additional bits (like this set below or a pair of older metal frag-launchers).

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New big stuff for Apocalypse Revolutions

Yesterday (01/04/2009) new teaser picture for upcoming Apocalypse: Revolutions appeared on the Web.

Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter, well known from ForgeWorld resin version, and now all in plastic, is scheduled for release in the next year spring. According to the sources everything is ready right now, but due to the current economical recession has been moved down in the queue. This seems to be true as they already showed this box cover picture.


News source:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Old-school wonder

Looking for the latest news regarding anticipated Space Wolves re-born, I followed this link to currently available SW miniature range. And there, I saw him...

Isn't he fantastic? Old-school head and weapon design like librarian in this catalog from 1989. And you can buy it in 2009. So, take the opportunity...

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