Thursday, June 4, 2009

Battle Bunker Madrid revisited

Despite some traveling experience across Europe, I very rarely visit official GW stores. In fact, I've seen only one of their bigger shops - in Madrid (Spain), the one with the Battle Bunker. I even did some photos but it was 4 years ago. Tomorrow I will have a chance to see how they evolve through these years.
At that time, I was very negatively surprised how limited is their on-shelf offer - especially for the blisters. Even if everything was accessible on-demand, still a miniature per square meter factor was ridiculously low. Nowadays, this trend is quite clear as direct sales through the website are the most profitable.
Below are some of these old photos...
How it looks in other cities/countries/continents? Did you ever buy something in official shop or play in Battle Bunker?

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry