Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Feel da power of Killa Kanz

I did a size comparison of current Killa Kan with a classic Ork Dreadnought (2nd generation) and they match perfectly. So, I'm going to use two of these old models as a part of my Killa Kanz Horde (3 x 3 KK as a complete Heavy Support choice). On the photo below, they are caught together.

For those interested, here is some closer look to this classic model, as well as an appropriate page from Citadel 1994 catalog. The only thing which I don't like is this puny ork driver, so I will not install him.

Now, the task is to find at least one piece of first generation dread, as pictured below. Do anybody have one (or better three) for sale?

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry