Friday, December 16, 2011

To 3D or not to 3D, that is the question

    Recent advances in computer modeling software and 3D printing technology, together with improved resin casting and cheaper plastic processing,  are having huge influence on our miniature hobby. On one hand, smaller companies (often involving single or a few persons) are able to deliver models showing exceptional level of details without investing tens of thousand USD. On the other hand, many models started to give me (you?) a taste of excessive similarity...a "made by machine" feelings"... I suppose, this will lead to a new kind of miniature collector, who is looking only for human-hand sculpted models. Maybe they are already among us...What is your opinion on this?

MaxMini gothic jetbike

Paulson Games Mech Autocannon

Anvil Industry assault rifle

Heer46 tank previews

MaxMini heads (intended similarity to some well known line of miniatures, or just 3D-processing induced similarity?)

 As said, the results are often very pleasant:

 Would be this achievable by hand, w/o computer?

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry