Saturday, July 4, 2009

Slug Demon - Tyranid creature or Nurgle fiend?

Closer look at Slug Demon, a resin miniature from Troll Forged Minis. Few weeks ago, I went through their offer during preparation of my small review. As it happened not for the first time, I have been attracted by some of the figures. This very specific demon is the first one which I bought. Let's begin with a store-painted photo, as it was the only one, I've seen before purchase.

Despite the long distance (USA-Spain), I got the parcel quickly and with reasonable shipping cost (~10 USD). Below you can find several photos of the model, which I did just after opening the package. This is quite important point to have in mind, as I didn't do ANY cleaning or preparation. Remember also that this photographs shows magnified details and in reality they are few times smaller.

I hope that, you already have an opinion about quality of the sculpt and the resin casting. As for me, I'm very glad of both. First of all, the cast is very clean (as well as the surface - no signs of releasing agent). In the pictures, I tried to show all imperfections, but don't be deluded - in reality they are easy to clean/correct, especially at so rich-textured surface. I was little surprised with 2-colored resin which they used but it has no impact on final result.
My opinion: 4.5 out of 5
In the next step, I will show this mini cleaned and monochrome primed. Stay tuned...

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry