Friday, July 3, 2009

Some Planetstrike sets and more

Expected novelties appeared on GW website. The Spear of Sicarius is one of the most expensive boxes which you can order from them (~600 GBP). The content you can see below.

For those wanting to make some conversions, there are two sprue sets - the Bastion and the Cities of Death floor (8 GBP each).

The whispers about plastic scenery with destroyed Rhino came to be true and this set can be ordered for 15 GBP, now.

Additionally, WFB Orc&Goblin forces got some defensive support in form of metal shields, but the price is rather high in comparison with std. plastic set (6 GBP vs. 2 GBP, respectively).

Finally, the Chase goblin set appears no-line upon previous announcement in White Dwarf magazine.
Our colleagues from BOLS caught a Demon Prince conversion in one of Planetstrike preview pictures. I'm curious if this model has a new plastic DP torso over his older brother metal legs?

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry