Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to use a Steam Tank main body?

Soon (I hope), I will get the following parts of recently released plastic Steam Tank of Empire.

When looking at the complete model, this will be the non-blurred part of the vehicle from the below photo.

To be honest, I bought this bitz without clear idea what to do with them. So next, I would like to list some possibilities asking you about yours opinions.

1) Alternative turret for Baneblade/Hellhammer - will replace the original turret but not cannon.

2) Orks Battlewagon front body - will replace whole driver compartment. The second picture shows stage at which it can be mounted to the chassis. Probably mounted without the ST turret.

3) Land Raider front body replacement or, if it doesn't fit there, the main body upper extention - should be fitted to the top of the model probably without the floor. An open backside needs to be closed somehow.
4) Tzeentchian (does such word exist?) Defiler upper body replacement - as previously, a backside needs to be closed.

So, what would be your decision? Or maybe you have a better idea? Please, let me know in the comment...
PS. It seems that some unintended changes to the settings of my blog prevent all readers from commenting. Sorry for this, folks.


  1. I think #2 or #4 could both look really good. Between the two I would wait and see the actual size of the bits in comparison to the Battlewagon and Defiler models.

  2. I think the Battlewagon is the most promising, but as Creative Carnage said above, see how things look when you've got the bitz.

  3. It looks like it will fit the battlewagon well, but I don't think it's very orky, even if you pile on the bitz. Perhaps instead of a Tzeentch defiler I could see it as an Iron Warriors defiler.

  4. It depends on the size relative to the model in question, naturally...

    I think it could make a tidy Defiler-top, or a very ornate Baneblade-family turret.

    I think I'd definitely keep that conversion to the human-based races, though, as it just has the look with the angles and such.

    I'm not so sure about a Land Raider front; I think it might look sweet, but you'd probably have to recess it a bit. Maybe move the land raider's front turret to the top of the Steam Tank bit. Instead of opening the top and bottom like a mouth, it would probably open side-to-side like some kind of grabby claw or pincer or something.

  5. I vote for the upper extension on the Land Raider; very fitting as a lavish chapel.


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