Saturday, July 11, 2009

Once again about advertisements...

UPDATE: It seems that this post is result of misunderstanding (from my part), so read the answer from Equinox999 and don't forget to visit his blog afterwards...

Not so long time ago, Ron at From the Warp discussed the possibilities to get some money from your blogging, an idea which probably most of us thought about. Although it leads to a conclusion that our typical traffic is far too low to get significant income, someone still can try to get few free bucks. Unfortunately, software selecting particular adverts for display works with keywords which often possess multiple connotations. Sometimes it leads to weird situations - funny for some, but unpleasant for others. Look for screenshot below, which I caught during reading one very interesting blog...

I don't know, how are your feelings but for me it would be very unwelcome to have vodka advertisement (even Polish brand) on my website.

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry