Friday, July 31, 2009

New forum - BoLS Lounge

It is always interesting to observe when some Big Fish of our common puddle is starting a new project. Such thing happens today as people at BoLS started a discussion forum - BoLS Lounge. It surely has a potential to be fantastic place but now it equally depends on us - miniature gamers and collectors - as on BoLS crew. In other words, even Microsoft cannot force new Windows if people doesn't like to use it :-). At the moment, I think we should give a chance to this project by joining the forum. This is especially easy for me, as I have never been involved those great forums like The Bolter&Chainsword or DakkaDakka.
Saying this, I joined this forum as MAGILER, but unfortunately my activity there will depend strongly on my constantly shrinking free time.

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry