Monday, May 25, 2009

Another wings (2)

Just few more alternatives to add wings to your monsters.

- Heresy Miniatures gives two nice propositions:
a) Azaroth, The Fallen One (13 GBP for pair)

b) B'Hakoth the Destroyer (7 GBP for pair).

- Hasslefree Miniatures has smaller, cheaper, yet equally useful offer:

Imogen wings - each wing approximately 51mm long and 35mm (at the widest point); at 2 GBP/pair they are cheap like plastic ones.

Finally, more for curiosity than real option, as they both are limited edition figures, and you have to buy full miniature to get the wings, but I couldn't resist:

Dark Sword Miniatures - 2008 Limited Edition Elmor Demoness
(15 USD at CMON webstore but only 4 are in stock)

CoolMiniOrNot Limited Edition (300 casts in total, 15 USD) - Lyn, Winged Succubus

That's all, have a nice flights...

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry