Friday, May 22, 2009

Fast conversion idea - Hydra

New 5th edition's rules brought a huge need for efficient LOS-blocking pieces of terrain. It seems that Planetstrike expansion is going to fill this hole, at least if you are able to pay for the pleasure.
But the point of this post is quite different - many of new and old IG players are appreciating the newly standardized Hydra Flak tank, but the price of FW resin model is 41 GBP. Although the crisis-shaped exchange rate to USD or Euro makes it easier to bear, it is still a lot of money. So, I looked at new Planetsrike Aegis Defence Line and what I saw? A Flak Cannons ready to be mounted on Chimera chassis. Please, take a look...

Sure, I perfectly know that the final effect will not be the same like from FW, but this solution is intended to be cost- and (especially) time-efficient. Personally, I'm going to construct such vehicle, even though my budget can stand the price of resin.

UPDATE (02/08/2009): Finally, I found that somebody did this simple conversion. Look into the link below and enjoy:

Update 2: An alternative approach can be find here.


  1. Great, easy idea. Like it. A definite future project, cheers


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Best of Larry

Best of Larry