Friday, May 8, 2009

Heresy! I bought a finished conversion...

Today, I have to confess something - I bought a miniature converted and put together by another person even I thought before that I will never do something like this. To defend myself, I have to say that this is rather extensive conversion, quite close to original sculpting. The author is Ścibor Teleszyński form Poland, very well known from selling many converted and original figurines. Below are some photos of this miniature, taken from Ścibor's website - I will post mine own pictures soon.

As it's obvious, he will be a Marshal of my Black Templars forces. Moreover, I will try to copy the central motif of his shield for a squad of TH/SS Terminators. The author claims that, he uses computer-designed molds, so this shield is not so terribly unique that cannot be copied for personal use.

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  1. Realy very nice model, I love it whats the URL for Ścibor's website?


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Best of Larry

Best of Larry