Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Psykers (IG rumors part 3)

One of the most interesting trick-source unit in the approaching IG codex are Sanctioned Psykers. Both, Primaris Psyker (HQ) and Psyker Battle Squad (Elite) have a nice shooting attack, but their other psychic abilities are of more interest.

Primaris Psyker (HQ, Independent Character, Psyker)
- 70 pts;
Flak armour, Laspistol, Force weapon, Frag grenades, Refractor field;
Special rules:
- It's For Your Own Good - if suffer Perils attack and there is a Commissar in the unit then Psyker is automatically killed (executed by Commissar);
Psychic Powers:
- Lightninc Arc: shooting attack - 25"/6/5/Assault 2D6;
- Nightshroud: At the start of psyker's Movement phase; If successful, to shoot at psyker (or his unit) enemy must pass Leadership test or is loosing his shooting (vehicles counts as Ld 10); effect lasts until nex psyker's Movement phase.

Psyker Battle Squad (Elite, Psyker (not the Overseer))
- 60 pts for Overseer and 4 psykers; can buy up to 5 more for 10 pts/psyker
Squad may take Chimera transport;
Flak armour, Laspistol, CCW;
Sanctioned Psyker - 2/3/2/3/1/3/1/9/5+
Overseer - 3/3/3/3/1/3/2/9/5+
Special rules:
- Psychic Choir - all squad acts as single psyker for using Powers;
- Ultimate Sanction - if the squad suffers Perils attack, then the Overseer kills D3 psykers instead; if Overseer already killed then every psyker have to resolve Perils attack.
Psychic Powers:
- Soulstorm: shooting attack - 36"/S/D6/Assault 1, Large blast (S = number of psykers in the squad);
- Weaken Resolve: during Shooting phase at 36" range with Line of sight; for the remainder of the turn, the target enemy unit has Ld reduced by the number of psykers in squad (to a min. of 2).

Disclaimer: all above are web-collected unconfirmed rumors. You should refer to a copy of official IG codex once it will be available in order to play your WH40K games.

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