Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings

Some time ago, I decided to purchase a wings for my (planned) Nurgle Demon Prince. The piece of choice was Zombie-dragon wings from GW web-store. My feelings were quite mixed when the box arrived - this wings are nice but surprisingly small! At last, they are supposed belong to a dragon... Below you can find a comparison with standard plastic dragon wings (which have the same price, btw):

To follow the idea, I will present in this post some of the typical and not-so-usual wings which can be useful in any 28mm system.
First, the bread-and-butter of all monstrous creatures - Dragon vs. Balrog (both GW, of course):

The next round is Chaos SM Possessed (down) vs. Dark Pegasus (the former being much cheaper in my favorite bitz-store, but not so easy to catch):

They will power-up my Nurgle Raptors (the metal one are for champion; this squad is a little crazy idea but maybe will evolve into something different when/if plastic Chaos Raptors will be released this summer).

to be continued...

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry