Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First look at my Tyranids

The list presented below isn't a strict army list. It's rather some rough walk through my current collection without going into details (which will come in not so distant future, I hope). I will try to keep this list updated, when I will decide for particular broods composition and options. So, it seems that this post is made more for myself than for you, dear Reader. It is intended to motivate me for regular and focused work for the Hive Mind hidden deep in my underwear wardrobe.


1) Hive Tyrant - regular metal model, intended for shooty beast with Guard;
2) Hive Tyrant - conversion from plastic Carnifex body (sometimes called "reversed body design") with magnetized wings;
3) Broodlord - std metal model, but I've already seen some inspiring conversions (btw, does anyone know a reason why this guy doesn't have FLEET rule?);
4) 2 x Tyrant Guard - one current and one OOP model (with shield); not decided if the old one will finish as a Warriors brood leader;
5) 11 x Genestealers - Broodlord's bodyguard, maybe with modified heads (like that of Alienilia brood);


1) Carnifex - a metal model from previous edition, still waiting for conversion ideas (beside a shooty configuration);
2) Carnifex - plastic body-&-legs set, bought for a favorite bitz-webstore. It will use some spare parts from three regular Carnifexes (see below);
3) 9 x Warriors - I'm tempted for a Dethspitter build, those blast weapons are scary in 5th ed.;
4) Lictor


1) 4 x Genestealer Brood (12 beasts each) - basic build with Feeder Tendrils, although I'm not sure if I will model actual tendrils on all those bugs. For the number per brood, some people claim that between 8 and 10 is an optimal count, but what about loses from any incoming fire during the initial turns advance?
2) 16 Hormagaunts
3) 16 Termagaunts - these two broods are from big Assault Brood box I bought to start my tyranids. They will add to some flexibility of my army composition but has never been tought as a core creatures;
4) Ripper swarm - the number of bases depends on modelling decisions, but I intend to put rather more than less per single base and maybe buy one Forge World set;

Fast Attack

1) Gargoyle brood - currently six "birds" but will grow to ten, I hope;
2) Ravener - two old-fashioned models, which have been converted to slaaneshi spawns but maybe will find their way back to homeland;

Heavy Support

1) 3 x Zoanthropes - current models. I like the old ones too but three is enough (at the moment);
2) 3 x Carnifex - full-option plastics, waiting for decisions (or magnetization).

Last updated: 22/04/2009

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