Saturday, April 18, 2009

I love bizarre tanks! (IG rumors)

As said in the title, I love those bizarre tank constructions of the past, either rhomboid mothers of all of them (British Mark I - IX range), or multi-turret ones (like infamous Russian T-35). Some of them are considered successful, others failed, but this aspect is not important here. What matters is that they are protoplasts of our Land Raiders and Baneblades. In comparison, the design of Leman Russ Battle Tank can be regarded as quite modern. However, I know how much critics this poor baby take from some Abrams- and Leopard-lovers. For me, this vehicle is one of the most important ingredients in the Imperial Guards pot. Saying this, I'm grinning with glad that finally, after years of waiting, some of the Forge World variants found their place in the latest incarnation of the IG 40K codex. So, let's take a look ...
As everybody expect, all versions have BS 3. Equally common is the Wargear list consisted of Heavy bolter (HB), searchlight and smoke launchers and new Lumbering Vehicle special rule (vide infra). Any model may exchange its HB with Heavy Flamer (HF, free) or Lascannon (15 pts). Any model may take sponsons: HB or HF for 20 pts, Multi-meltas for 30 pts, Plasma Cannons for 40 pts per model, plus some additional minor upgrades.
Variants are as following:

basic Leman Russ - Battle cannon (72", 8/3, Ord 1, Large blast) - 150 pts, (F/S/R: 14/13/10)
Exterminator - Ext. Autocannon (48", 7/4, Hvy 4, Twin-linked) - 150 pts, (14/13/10)
Vanquisher - Vqs. Battle cannon (72", 8/2, Hvy 1, +D6 for armour penetr.) - 155 pts, (14/13/10)
Eradicator - Erd. Nova cannon (36", 6/4, Hvy 1, Large blast, no Cover Sv.) - 160 pts (14/13/10)
Demolisher - Dms. Siege cannon (24", 10/2, Ord 1, Large blast) - 165 pts (14/13/11)
Punisher - Pns. Gatling cannon (24", 5/-, Hvy 20) - 180 pts (14/13/11)
Executioner - Ecr. Plasma Cannon (36", 7/2, Hvy 3, Blast) - 190 pts (14/13/11)

For Lumbering Vehicle rule: if our tank moved at combat speed or was stationary, it can fire turret weapon (any type) in addition to other allowed weapons, but at cruising speed can only move D6 + 6".
As a closing remark I can remember that all this goodies come in squadrons of 1-3 tanks.
So, count your GBP carefully for FW resin sets, or (if you're patient) wait for GW plastics scheduled for late summer release.

Disclaimer: all above informations are unconfirmed rumors collected and put together from various websites over last few weeks. So, enjoy but don't hold a grudge against me, in case they are "not so precise".

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