Thursday, August 6, 2009

Using Steam Tank body - first try

Trying to use main body of plastic Empire Steam Tank to make some fancy conversion of 40K model.
As previously announced, I got the selected parts and they fit together flawlessly almost like Lego blocks.

First idea was to improve a little bit an outdated Land Raider model ;-). Unfortunately, just from beginning, size comparison of S-Tank body and LR top plate gave lot of doubts. S-Tank seems too large, especially the height is rather significant.

So, for the moment, I hold applying this idea until a) I will build this Land Raider completely and, b) I will check another possibilities.
However, postponing a main body usage doesn't mean anything for the S-Tank turret. I dry-fitted it to the same upper armor plate of LR and it looks fine... But not outstanding/groundbreaking...

I think the main problem (but also advantage) is an angular (I don't have better word) shape of these parts. They seem much better suited for some Imperial Guard models like Chimera or Baneblade, which I'm leaving as a small teaser of forthcoming posts...

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry