Monday, September 28, 2009

Inquisitorial Rhino and more

Not exactly what I've promised in one of the previous posts, but maybe nice ideas.
How to make interesting Rhino for your O. Malleus or O. Xenos Inquisitor? Just put a turret on it! Below is my first attempt to make such vehicle.

Not bad, IMO.

Blogger rotated next photo for unknown reason...

The turret can be shifted to the back, if you want alternative approach, but the result is much worse...

If it works for Rhino, so what about good old Leman Russ tank?

This needs more converting, maybe some passenger compartment at the back? But what this will be?My collection reaches four pieces which gives me many options to mix Rhinos, Chimeras, Baneblades (sponson turrets)... What to choose?

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry