Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pushing Space Hulk fever - to buy or not to buy

After starting with Space Hulk pre-ordering on last Monday, Games Workshop is pushing hard this action by adding new pictures and articles to their website. I'm stupidly looking at all these pictures and my initial reserve for this project is melting down continuously. First of all, the miniatures are not pre-painted what for sure would prevent me from buying. Instead they are just red and blue plastic which is not a problem. Second, I started to think about this box as a kind of ForgeWorld-like stuff, which sooner or later will justify me the high price. Truly Larry Leadhead said, there is nothing easier than to justify yourself a miniature purchase.

As for a limited character of this release, I never had a problem with it , neither counted for special value of this box after years. If I will buy, I will do this for gaming with friends, most probably replacing the special SH figures with ordinary Termies and Stealers. This brings us to the next point - how unique are this minis, especially BA Terminators? Maybe only until the anticipated BA regular codex release somewhere next year? So, to buy or not? The problem is not Space Hulk itself but a very long list of GW, FW and third party miniatures and boxes waiting for their way to my never-ending collection...

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry