Friday, November 16, 2012

Chaos Mutilators and a gallery of alternative models

Upon reading this two post (LINK, LINK), I looked closer at new Elite unit in Chaos Space Marines codex:  - Mutilators. Besides all tactical problems with using small, slow-and-purposeful, not-fitting-in-Rhino assault-only unit, there is one very basic (for me) problem - the official models are "not so great" looking... The official Eavy Metal paint scheme is so-so...

 ... but even the best painting approach I know up to date, have troubles to convert them into something really enjoyable:

 As my intention is to fit them into Nurgle-oriented army, I've chosen some possibilities from PuppetsWar range...


 ... but depending on your sense of humor, clearly there are other choices ;-)

Then, another option is using entirely different model. As for me the two most obvious choices are Terrorizers from Hitech Miniature...

... or Nurgle Plague Ogres from ForgeWorld.

 Both units are somehow expensive in real-world currencies, but give two clearly distinct approaches to twisted aesthetics of Papa Nurgle's children. Anyway, these are my personal choices ATM, but I'm not finally set on them, and still looking for alternatives. Thus, some other possibilieties:

Flesh Reapers from Titan-Forge are much cheaper and very interesting indeed, my solid third choice.
Crypt Horrors by Games Workshop are on the low-tech end of our gallery... are Nurgle Bile Trolls by ForgeWorld. 

The latter company has also two types of Renegade Ogryns, standard and Nurgle ones, which may fit into the role:

Scibor Miniatures has a range of fantastic Sci-Fi warriors which with very little effort can be combined into a unit of Mutilators. The steep price is however a problem in this case [in my case, at least].

 Cryx Brute Thrall from Warmachine range is a little bit top-heavy but otherwise nice miniature:

Next viable option are various miniatures from Dark Age universe:

 (this Ice Arbiter has been painted by Alexi Z)

Finally, below are even more alternatives in no special order. They differ in style so much that should be possible to choose for virtually every army:

Incursion by West Wind Productions has a range of  heavy infantry.

Knight Praetorius by Chapterhouse Studio are substantially bigger than GW Space Marines, but unfortunately lack the twisted feel of Mutilators.

The Hosts from Troll Forged Miniatures are the fruit of recently finished Kickstarter campaign, and hopefully will be accessible for general sale in not so distant future.

Maxmini has this nurglesque Plaguebringer which is probably conceived as a Nurgle Herald alternative for Chaos Demons codex.

At the very last, a Warhammer Monster section at ForgeWorld has Skin Wolves and Fimir Warriors, which both are rather skinny, but may be took into account in this gallery of extraordinary characters...
 Beside all these above, Pig Iron Prodution has Wardroids models, and Blight Wheel has War Bot, but personally I do not see them as good option, in this case.

I'm sure, there are other better choices which I overlooked or forgot. So, feel free to propose them in the comments. Thank you in advance.

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