Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One Primarch and bunch of Marauders

These are some new resin and metal minis found on eBay. Pretty expensive, to tell the truth, but interesting. Just want to share these pictures (not mine).

I bought this guy and he looks even better without his cloak. But is rather large - compare with the base (40 mm). Unfortunately, the head is cast with the body, but still quite easy to swap (resin), if needed. Which Primarch he might represent?

 These marauders are metal, but I have not seen them in person (too expensive to consider).


  1. HOLLY CRAP!!! THOSE are marauders! Where can I find them?? They look freaking awesome.

    1. Check eBay for Northern Marauders set, or for user mrs-velard ...

  2. Nice one - I've had nothing but good experiences with Velard, he has some cool miniatures. I'm under the impression that the Primarch you picked up is supposed to be Ferrus Mannus, of the Iron Hands. Looking forward to seeing it painted up!

  3. If you are into Primarchs, check out Kabuki Models

    Their version of Ferrus Manus is 100x better.

  4. From the structure of it, it won't be mistaken that it does cost a fortune. Must be some collectors item right?

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  5. Really dinamic!
    Awesome that one with the axe... :o

  6. Don't trust on what the blog author says. He is a con man, he sells things using ebay that never get to destiny


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