Friday, December 16, 2011

To 3D or not to 3D, that is the question

    Recent advances in computer modeling software and 3D printing technology, together with improved resin casting and cheaper plastic processing,  are having huge influence on our miniature hobby. On one hand, smaller companies (often involving single or a few persons) are able to deliver models showing exceptional level of details without investing tens of thousand USD. On the other hand, many models started to give me (you?) a taste of excessive similarity...a "made by machine" feelings"... I suppose, this will lead to a new kind of miniature collector, who is looking only for human-hand sculpted models. Maybe they are already among us...What is your opinion on this?

MaxMini gothic jetbike

Paulson Games Mech Autocannon

Anvil Industry assault rifle

Heer46 tank previews

MaxMini heads (intended similarity to some well known line of miniatures, or just 3D-processing induced similarity?)

 As said, the results are often very pleasant:

 Would be this achievable by hand, w/o computer?


  1. I can tell you this: he 3d stuff is idd very teamping and would be ooh so nice! I used It was 50$ for the creation of 2 shoulderpad design. And shipping also around that for 20 of each design. I have them laying on my desk. I'm very happy about the result. But like you said! This opens a whole new world of modeling!

  2. I think it is still in it's infancy but it could turn into a gaming golden Age where anyone can make and in theory sell just about anything possible without the huge investment.  I'm in the biz and producing stuff isn't cheap but I think as this tech evolves and gets a softer look, I think its going to lead to some great opportunities for the free range gamer and some hardships for the industry leaders.  I foresee massive variety in all genera when this does take off and all you'll need is a set of rules and some pals and you can play anything with armies so unique and individualized that one of the pleasures to game will to see the stuff your opponent has as it might be completely unique.

    I'm hoping for the Golden Age of free range gaming,

    1. For sure it would be doable by hand , without CAD. But the issue is that it would take much longer, and there's limited bunch of people that would agree to do that using traditional methods.
      CAD and 3d printing opens whole new spectrum of possibilities. Also it's way easier to tweak, change design during the process.
      In the past organic shapes were tricky, but with modern software things changed.
      It's not cheap (and IMO won't be in near future) as quality required (resolution and layer thickness) for our purposes is really high. But in many cases should end up with better results :) .

  3. Nice 3D collections! Those things are really tempting. Would like to have some of those.

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