Saturday, October 10, 2009

Space Wolves 4-x-Rune-Priest Perfect Build

Ha, ha... the title is a joke, intended to increase a little your blood pressure before reading.
Below, I will try to construct my incoming Space Wolves force. As a collector, I don't care too much about power-gaming factor. To be honest, I'm not especially counting points; if will be 1.5k, that's OK; if little more, I will equalize to 2000... or 2500... or 3k,whatever...
Having already typical "horde-of-marines" Black Templar army, I wish to go for something more elitist. Moreover, I want to pick cool models and get a lot from new plastic sets (those hundreds of bits!).

So, I will start from taking Logan Grimnar (275 pts) and Njal Stormcaller (270 pts) as my HQ choices. Logan allows to take Wolf Guards as Troops, so they will be accompanied by two squads of Wolfguard Terminators. As both heroes together already sucked 550 pts, I believe that both Termi units should be rather cheap. They will get only basic set (StormBolter+PowerWeapon), with an exception for one Chainfist/squad (15 pts).
The main worry for me now - will Logan model be presentable next to the new ones (Njal and plastics)? Two pictures which I found on GW website do not give a definite answer.

In this case I will buy actual models and will make real-world comparison. Why didn't I buy them already? Well, I'm waiting with order placement for Battleforce set which will be for sale on September, 17th and will contains 20 SW marines, 5 regular scouts and a Drop Pod. The Marines are essential to get all these fancy bits and allow me to field one Grey Hunters squad with double-melta joy, and one Blood Claws pack with melta/powerfist. Both squads will get Rhino to grab objectives. The scouts will feed my elite forces (with a little help of already owned miniatures). With melta and 2 x Power Weapon, they should bring some threat to enemy side of the table (even if a bit expensive one, but who care?).
From the modeling point of view, I lean towards totally helmet-less army (all these wild heads plus good range from WFB Chaos Marauder Horsemen), but time will show what will be. The bases, I want to make very simple - plain dirt or simple battle debris theme with some snow here and there.
Finally, a good point of all affair will be that these two gentlemen will finally find a home (and some beer with brand new plastic-colleagues).

to be continued...

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry