Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some interesting Dwarves and more

Another new (or re-newed) miniatures company - Dwarf Tales from Poland. They started promoting their own game system Warcanto, of which I don't know anything, but you can check their website here and here.
For the moment I just looked at their Dwarf miniatures and they are really interesting.

A second promising race are their Orks. They are enough familiar to be accepted and enough distinct to stand out over the crowd.

Third race, tribesmen-werewolves, looks little weaker (for me).

Additionally, three other races are expected to appear - Elves, Men and Chaos/Demon Dwarves (kind of).
All these looks very promising even if not very cheap (in my opinion std man-size mini should not be over 5USD, but maybe I'm from Scotland).

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry