Friday, July 10, 2015

Age of Sigmar, or Let's make it usable...

Sad days... after pretty long history of entertaining us (1983-2015), Warhammer Fantasy Battle is dead, or at least stored under Oldhammer label... We have a new product, which is quite far from being perfect. No points system and lack of any army organization chart make it difficult to use outside of a close friends circle, not even starting to talk tournament play... Simple counting wounds doesn't work, either...
Below, are 2 links to some preliminary (and unofficial, of course) ways of fixing the mentioned problems.  I found them interesting!

Age of Sigmar - Azyr Composition Rules (BOLS Lounge)

Simple point system for the Warscrolls (YT video)

Unofficial errata and game mods from GW store (sic!)

 (Jair Nunez conversion)

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Best of Larry

Best of Larry