Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Extracted from last Tyrranid rumors (pre-release rant!)

While the blogsphere is flooded today with new pictures of plastic Tyranid models and bits of rules, ther are two things which worry me:
"Unit Kit: Warriors (Includes parts for Prime, but no wings)". Does it mean no shriekes in the codex? bad decision... and this:
"Removed: Mycetic Spores on the game board are gone". This one may be somehow explained by expected poor sales of such uni-purpose kit, but they still could combine it with some living terrain options.


  1. What are those models from?

    1. indeed... they look fab! (in an alien creepy evil manner of fabulous...)

    2. These are Sedition Wars models from Studio McVey (and published by CMoN as a boxed game).

    3. excellent! cheers. I haven't been keeping up with Mr McVey's stuff, but a friend showed me some ages ago. but nothing like these. again, thanks.


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Best of Larry

Best of Larry