Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eldar jetbike, a worn out oldie.

Let me fully express my disappointment:
Just look at this crappy rider...Is it some ku-klux-klan joke of those Britts, or what?

What about comparison with dark kin? I see the difference, but maybe it's just me? or the paintjob, you say?

And we all remember that test model presented several years ago...Not bad starting point for new plastic set combining regular bikers with Shining Spears elite squad. At least, they should make it available in failcast, as it was prepared bu Goodwin...

I hope, some resin makers will catch opportunity , like it was in the case of Thunderwolves models. Sure, it will be harder to compete with existing official model, but there is much more space for creative imagination in this case... The first attempt already has been made by Chapterhouse, although they modified current GW model instead proposing something original.

Do you know about any other jetbike, which isn't of Imperial style (such are many)?


  1. I agree completely! That model goes all the way back to 2nd ed (and I didn't like it then either)! And why was the prototype that we all went nuts over never released, other than as a prototype for the Dark Eldar? As such I've always referred to my Siaim-Hann units as the '2nd wave'. Meaning all of the jet bikes were in the 1st wave which is why they're not on the table.

  2. Totaly agree..
    And think about those tiny , flat and ridiculous 80's warlocks, the warpspiders and the swooping hawks..
    just compare it with Dark eldar rapaces....

    I sold ALL my infantery fast attacks slots (including those abova and the shinning spears..) before the codex being released!

    Imagine my disappointment when I realized they did not redo theoldest minis i the games! (with the ugly 2D ragnar...)


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Best of Larry