Thursday, April 25, 2013

Communication Dish needed, or, help me finding alternative model

To whom it may concern: I'm looking for this particular miniature from Quantum Gothic range, or (better, as I need two copies) some kind of quality replacement/alternative  (it's 28/32 mm scale). Their shop is offline now, without clearly defined deadline for re-opening. Does anybody have suggestions? Please, post them in the comments...

While googling, I found the miniature shown below, but again it is missing from stock in the online shop of the makers. I believe, it was made for Battletech, and I'm not sure what the scale is (I never had interest in this system).

Another  alternative, which I found is too large and too expensive for my purpose (which is DA Darkshroud conversion, BTW)...

So, as said previously, I need your help...please.


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Best of Larry

Best of Larry