Thursday, November 26, 2009

My way to gather a WH40K army...

As the work-related stress is building up towards the end of the year, I feel that Santa will go something serious this Christmas. I have a wish-list for him which should darken his way-to-bright red costume...

This Ultraforge model should make nice centerpiece of the army. It´s cheaper and (probably) more compact than ForgeWorld version, and I definitely have to have it.

The real brain of the force - even if bloody twisted. Exceptionally nice helmet, of course, if you like horns-and-teeth style of your ChSM models. Speaking of which, I will go for the next strongly climatic point of the force.

FW Demon Prince and herald. Low "tech" index and high "fantasy" feelings will make nice counter-point to Rhinos or Vindicators (for example).

These two beasts are the reason that I started lookin towards khorante miniatures. I like them, I'll buy them, punto. They are not very big, so directly can be used as Dreads, and upon mounting on some scenic base (mostly to increase hight) also as Defilers or Soulgrinders.

FW khornate marines are bread-and-butter of the army. 2 x 10 in Rhinos will satisfy my needs. The question will be the legs - standard or from possessed? It is important because the actual Possessed models with wings will make khornate Raptors squad.

An alternative is to use standard Raptors which are very descent models too, but I fall in love for possessed some time ago and want to use them.
Next, chaos Terminators from FW - not so nice like their power-armored companions but still acceptable, especially in helmet-less version.

Finally, I have to fit this old bloody-hand individual.

So, now we have defined a nice core of the army. Then, let's look into the Book for point-cost and try to make them playable, filling with some regular stuff up to given points limit (whatever it will be)...

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Best of Larry